ISO-9001 AS-NZS-4801



Trackhaul-Logo-(RKR-Engineering)Trackhaul is designed to be a multi-purpose equipment and material carrier for use both on rail and on work sites.

Trackhaul’s many features include:

  • Purpose designed for road rail operation, Trackhaul can access rail tracks unassisted in most situations quickly and easily
  • A low working height and centre of gravity for safe and easy deck access and stability
  • Multiple use clear deck space with built in bolting attachments, cranes, EWP’s, bins, seating, inspecting
  • Stabilisers, which are spaced, to fall on the ends of sleepers when unextended to ensure safe use when using added equipment
  • Unlimited quick and safe rotation using the turntable and clamps
  • Modular construction, Optional equipment can be added or removed to match cost with capability

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