ISO-9001 AS-NZS-4801



Rotoquip-Logo-(RKR-Engineering)Rotoquip is a crane boom attachment for positioning equipment and steelwork where the traditional use of a crane and underslung load would not be possible.

It is ideal for safe and efficient installation work in:

  • Tunnels
  • Under bridges
  • In confined spaces

The Rotoquip is a completely self contained and operated unit designed to slide into the hollow boom section of a hydraulic crane to be pinned to the end of a winching crane.

  • Maximum lifting capacity is 2000kg (may be reduced depending on the dimension and balance of the load).
  • Compact and centrally placed loads can be handled up to 2000kg.
  • The unit is designed to take a 10m long beam weighing 1000kg and its centre of gravity placed over the centre of the Rotoquip attachment plate.
  • Three hydraulic cylinders provide 90° of movement on 3 axes.
  • Cylinder activation is by a battery powered hydraulic motor and pump. It is operated by a 3-lever hydraulic valve unit on a 6m long pendant.

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